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Welcome to the PET development page

PET is an open-source runtime system for processing with unification based grammars.

If you don't know what PET is, or consider yourself rather a user than a developer, you should look here for more information: User Documentation.

(BK) I have put up a page on this wiki to develop and discuss a ProgrammingStyleGuide for the development PET, which i would like to employ at some not so far away point in the future.

There is also a mailing list for discussion and information about recent development in pet located at:

The above site also contains information about how to install and compile the source code and which external packages or libraries you will need to do so successfully.

There have been no release tarballs for quite a while, the latest is hopelessly outdated compared to the version in the repository, which is open for download.

This site also hosts a subversion repository with the latest development sources in the source:pet/ directory. For details about the latest changes on the source code level, look into the CHANGELOG in the source tree or check the ticket system.

To access the svn repository directly from an svn client, use the repository URL

If you want to participate in PET development, even if it's only by adding new tickets, send a mail to kiefer (at), describing your background and what your interest in PET is, so you can be given the proper rights for these pages.

For more information about the trac system that is used to run this site, and how to use it, read AboutTrac